The Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative (CPWI)

is a partnership of state agencies, counties, schools and local
prevention coalitions supporting communities in preventing alcohol and
other drug abuse and its negative consequences. Our highest priority is
to reduce underage drinking among 8th and 10th grade students. By
providing evidence-based practices and promoting the positive changes
in communities, we can build healthier communities.

About Our Community

The Panther Country Coalition serves the communities of the Cusick School
District which includes a population of approximately 1,300. The School
District serves 273 students in grades K-12 including those from the nearby
Kalispel Indian Reservation. We are located in beautiful Pend Oreille County in
the northeast corner of Washington State, 50 miles north of Spokane and 20
miles from Newport.
Zoning – Rural
Cusick median household income (2012) – $22,750
Student demographics for 2013-2014 (K-12)
May 2014 Student Count – 273
Male – 164 60.1%
Female – 109 39.9%
American Indian/Alaska Native – 91 33.3%
Asian/Pacific Islander – 2 .8%
Black/African American – 2 .7%
Hispanic/Latino – 7 2.6%
White – 140 51.3%
Two or more races – 32 11.7%
Free or Reduced Meals – 168 61.5%

About our Programs

Our goals and strategies include decreasing favorable attitudes among youth towards drinking and marijuana use, increasing their perception of harm and increasing knowledge of the risks associated with alcohol and marijuana use. We are implementing anti-drug messages and programs that bring awareness to our community about underage drinking and drug use. Another goal is to increase effective communication between parents and youth. We offer free parenting programs, such as Guiding Good Choices. Collaborating with our community partners to better understand our unique local conditions remains a high priority.

Our Partners